Gudrun Erla Jonsdottir

Chief Strategy Officer, Reykjavik Energy

About Gudrun Erla

Gudrun Erla Jonsdottir is the Chief Strategy Officer at Reykjavik Energy, the largest power and utility company in Iceland. As a strategy officer, she is responsible for sustaining and communicating the future vision and execution of the corporate strategy. Her role includes being both a creative thinker and an influential collaborator. She is a visionary ensuring that execution supports the strategy elements.

Reykjavik Energy’s future vision of increasing the quality of life with sustainability as a guiding light is governed through four subsidiaries. They utilize resources sustainably and cost-effectively to serve households, businesses, and institutions at fair and competitive prices. Having adopted as guidelines the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the group’s increased focus is on the looming climate crisis. Carbon neutrality is fundamental in sustainable business operations and is one of the main objectives of Reykjavik Energy Group.

Gudrun Erla is an experienced CSO with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Prior to her position at Reykjavik Energy, she was the Managing Director for Husavik Energy. She has years of board experience, there among serving as a Director for Samorka, the Federation of Energy and Utility Companies in Iceland from 2012 and where she was Vice Chairman from 2016 until 2019. Gudrun Erla currently holds the position of the Chairman of the Board for Veitur utilities since 2018.

Gudrun Erla is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Iceland and holds an MSc degree in Marketing and International Business Administration. She is a strong professional focused on Corporate Governance and the Strategic Role of Boards of Directors. Her Ph.D. research on Ownership Strategy, a novel strategic governance tool, has ignited the interest of both academics and practitioners, internationally and abroad, showing that her research is of a highly relevant and practical relation.